North Dakota Winds
Siberian Huskies
My Kennel's History

We have been breeding/raising AKC Siberian Huskies for 15 years. As a small kennel our Siberians are all members of our family and are being trained to mush for recreational sledding. They go back to champion show dogs but we do not show them. We concentrate on producing puppies  with awesome temperments, good confirmation, and are healthy.

As our family had grown to include my 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son, the dogs and puppies have learned that people of all ages can be fun and great pack members.​​

As members of our family the retired dogs stay with us. We do not rehome them.​​

Raising Puppies
.All the litters are planned. Our Siberian Husky adults prefer to be outside especially in the winter. But when it comes time for the husky puppies to be born the mother moves into our house. The mother Siberian Husky and her puppies stay with us in the house until the babes can tolerate the weather. Then they spend days outside romping on our ranch and nights in with us.

​The puppies are socialized to people of all ages from birth. At 3 weeks We introduce them to other dogs and cats.

The puppies visit our veterinarian for their 1st distemper vaccination and deworming prior to going to new homes. They also come with an AKC registration application, training tips and hints, chews, some food and a starter collar.

It is a limited AKC registration (even though the puppy maybe show/breeding quality) unless otherwise agreed on prior to adoption.​​​
Siberian Husky--The breed

The Siberian Husky has been bred to be a quick, ready, and able sled dog, which means they need lots of exercise. They are gentle and alert with a diginified air which makes them a agreeable companion. Siberians enjoy being with their "pack" (your family) but are very independent and think for themselves. Training at a young age is a must.